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E-Seminars & Training from USAY

USAY has a variety of eLearning tools and resources which have been designed to assist urban Aboriginal youth succeed in urban living. We have focused on employment, careers and personal finance. USAY has also focused on assisting non-Aboriginal employers recruit and retain Aboriginal staff.

USAY is exploring more opportunities to expand our eLearning Centre; we want to progress into cultural identity and awareness, language courses, and transitioning tools to help with the move from reserves to urban living. USAY hopes that by increasing and broadening our focus we can better assist urban Aboriginal youth and the City of Calgary.

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Aboriginal Awareness

This course is designed to help you as an employer or supervisor of Aboriginal employees understand the current social, economic, and political situation of Aboriginal peoples and provide you with the tools to increase Aboriginal employment and retention.

Business Etiquette

One of the main purposes for this course is to help professional people share what they have learned through their experiences

Career Planning

Navigating your success is a difficult process without the proper education to help guide you along your path. Not unlike a compass, our online program can make your journey a clear one.

Conscience Aborigène

Ce cours d’apprentissage en ligne vise à vous sensibiliser à la situation socio-économique et politique actuelle des Autochtones, en plus de mettre à votre disposition des outils pour favoriser leur emploi et leur maintien en poste.

Learn Blackfoot: Part 1

This is an introduction to the Blackfoot Language – designed to give you an
introductory understanding of the language and the Blackfoot people.

Learn Blackfoot: Part 2

This is the second installment of the Blackfoot Language program – designed to give you the basics of short conversations and a further understanding of the Blackfoot people.

Personal Finance

The best time to start thinking about money is when you’re still at home and your parents are paying the bills… But anytime is a good time!

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