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By nurturing self-empowerment, and fostering healthy collaboration and communication the Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) strives to enrich the lives of all urban Aboriginal youth to ensure healthy future generations. USAY will ensure we meet our vision and mission by developing programs in three main areas; education, traditional languages, and arts based programs.

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New Tribe Magazine


A HUGE Thank you to the recent donations from United Way of Calgary’s, Donor Choice Program!
A HUGE Thank you to the recent donations from United Way of Calgary’s, Donor Choice Program! Your generous donations will help go towards USAY’s youth that have been in our programs for the past four years, thankfully they have all recently graduated from high school and are now transitioning out of our programs; it is […]


Blackfoot Graphic Novel Vol.5 KSISTSIKOOM “Thunder” Amimation & Documentary
KSISTSIKOOM (Thunder) Animation Click Here KSISTSIKOOM (Thunder) Documentary Click Here Traditional story told by: SAAKOKOTO Translation by: Randy Bottle, Anita Eaglebear Art Direction, Layout and Design by: Brain “Bunny” Batista Artwork by: Mitchell Poundmaker, Christian Boulet Youth Contributors: Sterlyn Many Shots, Luke Many Shots, Chaz Prairie Chicken, Tiegan Sleigh, Tyler Kuryk, Narissa Bull, Virginia Red […]

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    New Tribe Magazine: June 2014

    New Tribe Magazine

    UPDATE: USAY received funding for New Tribe Magazine from the federal government until March 31, 2014 when the funding stream was changed.

    New Tribe Magazine was a monthly publication that was distributed for free throughout the city of Calgary. The goal of New Tribe was to promote community and culture within Calgary, and to encourage youth to express themselves through various forms of media.

    Watch the evolution of New Tribe Magazine click here

    New Tribe Magazine

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    Check out USAY’s online services and programs. We have resources to help you obtain employment, build a career-path, and manage your finances. We also have an online Aboriginal Awareness course to help non-Aboriginal employers learn how to recruit and retain Aboriginal employees.

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